Manufacturing & Packing


We understand the nature of the Health and Wellness industry along with the changing requirements of our customers.  We have flexibility in our production capabilities to offer our client’s a wide range of both short-run and long run production solutions depending on smaller niched markets or larger bulk commodities respectively.  Our manufacturing capabilities are designed to meet the demands of our customers.

Our core manufacturing capabilities in delivering health and wellness solutions include:

  • Roasting
  • Manual and automated filling
  • Bagging
  • Sleeving, cartoning, casing
  • Snack packaging and gas flushing
  • Multi component packing and assembly
  • Form Fill and Seal capabilities – singles and strip packs
  • Pre-mix formulation development, mixing and packing



At B2B manufacturing and Packing we understand that innovation is the only sustainable source of differentiation and competitiveness.  We proactively develop innovation pipeline solutions for customer’s business and brands. We are proud to overcome clients’ technical challenges through well-researched solutions as we think outside the box. The result? We create superior products and packaging that consistently outperform the market.

New Product Development

Our new product development (NPD) is a collaborative process of taking our clients through the development of a new product from concept to marketplace. This process allows for incremental step-change of continually improving on existing products through to the creation of new to market products.  The NPD includes formulation development, accelerated stability testing, consumer tastings, sourcing of ingredients and packaging, Cost of Goods Budget targeting (Bill of Material) to the assembly of the completed product.

Branding & Design

B2B manufacturing and Packing is a design-led company, we consider the entire solution under one roof, which also includes the design and branding of the product and packaging. We draw upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning to explore possibilities of what could our customers products could be to create desired outcomes that benefit your end user. Our professional design services can work within a set of already established brand guidelines or develop your company’s brand strategy and design to develop your packaging identity. Our in-house design team is immersed in your brand, we understand your brand, your business, how you want to be perceived by consumers, your marketing goals, we make sure that every decision reflects your brand.

Sourcing & Procurement


We are Sourcing Specialists who source specific fit for purpose solutions across multiple health and wellness categories to meet our customer’s requirements. At B2B manufacturing and Packing we have built strong relationships with a wide database of reputable local and international suppliers of both raw materials and packaging. We manage all sourcing, negotiate supplier contracts with costs and minimum order quantities, and align quality and safety assurances to ensure accuracy of our client’s exact requirements. The inventory of all raw material and packaging is then managed internally on our customer’s behalf.