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Health and Wellness Specialists

Founded by Nadine Hardy-Petzer in 2007, B2B manufacturing and Packing is a specialist Health and Wellness Food and Beverage third party Manufacturing and packing specialist, dedicated to the design, development, sourcing, manufacturing & packing of private label retail and service products for the Health and Wellness industry.

B2B manufacturing and Packing offers a professional comprehensive turnkey solution for our customers in the Health and Wellness industry, this includes:

Manufacturing and Packing Specialist.


Brand and Packaging Design

Production with flexibility

Of long and short-run manufacturing

Product Research & Development

Formulation Development and Stability testing

Test Kitchen Facilities

Innovation Management


Market Research and Insights


Legal Compliance and Claims

Sourcing and procurement

Of raw and packaging

We have a wealth of in-house knowledge and contract manufacturing experience with the necessary skills and experience needed to overcome production challenges. This includes the flexibility of small production batches (short-run production) with quick turnaround times as well as large automated production.

The company has acquired a reputation for consistent good quality, price, service and delivery.  Close collaboration with raw material suppliers ensures that the very latest and highest quality ingredients are available for incorporation into new or existing formulations, further adding value to the supply chain.

Why Choose B2B Manufacturing & Packing?

When choosing B2B manufacturing and Packing as your strategic partner, you are assured we can meet your criteria;

  • We are immersed in our clients business and brands.
  • Our ability to understand your business and brand requirements,
  • That we have the right production capabilities,
  • Our ability to provide uninterrupted supply and possession of accredited food safety and quality standards.


At B2B Contract Manufacturing and Filling you can expect a group of dedicated professional problem solvers, B2B’s strong research and development team provides our customers with a continual stream of innovative, cutting-edge products.  Our approach is to collaborate and problem-solve with our customers.  We are proud to overcome clients’ technical challenges through well-researched solutions as we think outside the box.

B2B Contract Manufacturing and Filling remains highly adaptable to changing circumstances due to our size and management structure. We’re able to ensure that all customer requests are given the attention they deserve and receive one point of contact from idealization through to commercialization. This ensures customers are able to receive answers they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

We can develop completely new products with customers or match an existing item.  We work closely with customers and partners to determine and produce products specific to their needs cost-effectively and within tight deadlines.

Our areas of Health and Wellness market expertise includes:


Food Services




B2B manufacturing and Packing has vast experience in the Health and Wellness industry with the development, blending & packing of Food Powders / Health Food / Nutrition Supplements/ Dry Pre-mixes/ Liquids. We also formulate, develop, manufacture & package specialized pre-mixes.

We are flexible the manufacturing & packaging of specialized Health Products in jars, bottles, tubs, pouches or other consumer packs (packaging).

Our batch sizes are flexible, yet fully traceable.

Our health and wellness products range from bulk packed commodities – food and beverages, specialized snacking formats to recipe design of low-carb pre-mix baking solutions.